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Guest Articles on David Lascelle’s Lurking Musings Blog for Vampire Month

For those of you who are interested in more musings on my writing process, I was invited to contribute to David Lascelle’s Lurking Musings – Musings of a newly published writer blog. Here is a link for you to go read what I had to say:
The title of the articles were ‘Are Writers Solitary or Social Creatures’. Hope you find them interesting.


Bristol Short Story Prize & other publishing plans

Just put one on my short stories up for the Bristol Short Story Prize. Fingers crossed they like it, but I’ll have to wait until July to see if it’s picked. Here’s a link:
I found out about the competition from these guys: I shall be thinking about what to submit to them as well as finding things for Word in Your Ear.

On top of that, The Dragons Rocketship people and Nikki Yager in particular, has now started up a publishing arm of their own. Here’s a link to them:

And finally a shout out to another creative, the very talented Frances Salmon. Check out her blog spot here:

Hex Support is Here!


Hex Support titleAt long last the latest Dragon’s Rocketship anthology is here.  Read some of the great short stories on the theme of IT support for magic by members of the greatest writers group on Facebook!  My contribution is called Flying in the Face.

Elam is facing exams that will affect the rest of his life.  He loves the natural world about him, but to get on he needs a set of technical magic skills that elude him. The magic of his people if different to the magic of the planet, as he is about to find out.

You can find a link to Createspace here.  If you want the paperback, it is probably best ordered from here:

Here’s the Amazon link for the paperback and the ebook:

I hope you enjoy our latest contribution on literature.

Reaping What’s Sown – short story to listen to

For those who are interested, here’s a link to the Story Friday – Harvest evening at Burdall’s Yard in Bath. My story, under my married name, Rose Senior is the third one – Reaping What’s Sown. I didn’t read it myself because of the whooping cough aftermath. Enjoy!
Here’s Black Sheep again too:

House of Lilith now in Paperback

Lilith final cover small

At last, the edits are done and House of Lilith is now available in paperback on Amazon. This is now in addition to Last Season on Shades, which is included in the ebook version, but had to be published separately for print because of the page count. I’ve also updated the ebooks both on Amazon and Smashwords. Don’t forget to search for the title and include Rose Jones, as they seem to be difficult to find. Must do some research into improving that!

Still working on White Thorn – the short stories and edits have slowed that process, but I’m on my way. Watch this space

BookCover6x9_Cream_560 final small

Last Season on Shades final cover small

Narrator International Link

If you’re interested, here’s an Amazon link to the Narrator International download/paperback of the volume where my Blue Bird of Happiness contribution can be found.
When I get around to it I’ll send off some more short pieces for consideration, but at the moment I want to concentrate on my Shades books – and recovering from a holiday in Malta!

So, what have I been doing?

I’ve been a bit lax with posting on here recently, but I’ve been busy elsewhere. I’ve been getting by first two Shades novels into print format on Createspace ready for the Dragon’s Rocketship sales table at Archon in August and that has meant a good look through for errors and improvements. Once it’s in print, that’s the end of the process as far as I am concerned. House of Lilith still has to be tweaked, but the paperback will be up on Amazon soon. The novella at the front of the ebook has been published separately in paperback because of the total pagecount.

I’ve also been working on short stories – one of them, ‘The Life Quilt’, I’ve posted here, the other, ‘Flying in the Face’, has been submitted for the latest Dragon’s Rocketship Anthology called Hex Support. Watch this space to see if I get in.

Having procrastinated enough, I have now returned to White Thorn, the next Shades novel and am now about 60,000 words in. I hope to have that finished and published later in the summer. It won’t be such a monster brick of a book as House of Lilith!

Other projects on the go are transcribing my two Star Trek zines from the 80s into Word for people to read again and a final edit on the first book of my First Light SF space opera, which I also hope to have ready in print and ebook format for Archon. Here’s the cover art.

Savage Hand ecover

More news when everything’s available. Cheerio for now.