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Welcome to Rose’s Blog

October 15, 2012

Greetings fellow mortals!

My name is Rose and this is my blog page.  Duh!  Of course it is!  Bear with me, I’m new to all this but I’m hoping to have fun with it and share my interests with the world.  It’s small at the moment but I hope to add to it over time with things that might be of interest to you; they’ll certainly be of interest to me!

This is mainly an outlet for my writing interests and keeping people informed about what I’m up to on that front, so it’s the interactive arm of the e-publications I plan to upload.  I welcome your suggestions and comments and you can contact me through here or email me privately at

My current writing project is a series of paranormal romances and I hope to get the first one up in the next couple of months.  It’s currently being read by a few beta reader friends and I want to rest it for a while before I go through it again for a polish.  I’m planning a series of six, possible eight novels and the series is called Shades.  While I’m waiting I’m onto the second novel, called House of Lilith.  So if you like sexy vampires and romance, then take a look.  It’s more Charlaine Harris or Tanya Huff in style than JR Ward, but hey, we all like different things from our romances.  It is definitely NOT Twilight!  Also, if you get to read it, look out for all the little ‘Easter Eggs’ I’ve slipped in.  Those are for the fans of vampire fiction and an affectionate homage to the genre.

By the way, what do you think of my banner?  It was taken one fortuitously misty morning in January this year at St Mary’s church in Bitton, near where I live.  I used one of the shots for the cover of Shades.  It was taken with a little Panasonic Lumix camera.  Maybe I should also mention that photography is another of my interests.

This is the cover I plan to upload for the first novel


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