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The First Book is Released!

August 2, 2013

On 28th July I finally bit the bullet and uploaded the first book, Shades, to Amazon for Kindle readers.  Here’s the link for the UK

If you choose to download and read it, please leave a review and feel free to contact me with comments or any errors you might have spotted.  The manuscript  and the formatting has been well checked, but I’m sure something has slipped through the net.

Book Two, House of Lilith, is dangerously close to completion and will join Book One very shortly, so if you need another fix, there’s not long to wait.  I’m afraid Book Three will take a little longer as I still have to write most of it.  I’m not expecting it to be as long as the first two.  Book Four will be similar, but Book Five is a biggy and almost complete already, but I don’t want to publish out of order.  Book Six will close the plotlines of books one and two and start a new direction.

When Book Two goes up I shall look into the possibility of getting some print copies available using Createspace.  I like the power of being able to do all this for myself without having to rely on agents and formal publishers, although I realise the traditional route is a better way to get my material out to the widest audience and would not say no if someone approached me.  I find it depressing that it takes so long between rejections and takes such a lot of time to keep sending pitches out.  I’m not a natural salesperson and prefer to let the quality of my work speak for itself.  I’d rather be writing than reaching out with my begging bowl!  I have also noticed that a lot of the book review sites will only review traditionally published works, which I think is a little short sighted.  I know there’s a lot of self-published dross out there, but there are some gems too (not just my own!) and we all deserve the chance to be appreciated.

More ruminations when Book Two is out.  Off to see some more Neolithic sites now.


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