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House of Lilith now live on Amazon

August 19, 2013

Well, the second book is now up for you to buy on Amazon. Here is a Tiny URL link to the UK site
Shades, the first book can be found at this url:

The second book came in at an estimated 859 pages, that’s 249,229 words. The first one was around 601 pages or 175,779 words. I know that’s huge, but there are basically two storylines going on in each, so it’s bound to be longer. The next two in the series won’t be that long but I know number five is another biggy and six, well that’s still a glimmer in this author’s eye, although I do have some preliminary scenes written even for that. Should keep me occupied for a little while longer.
There will be other projects too. I also have a science fiction quadrillogy to finish and plans for two other standalone novels as well as my continuing short story work for Word in Your Ear. Makes me wonder how I’ll find the time. I think the dust will settle a little deeper in the house while I’m off on my literary adventures!
Back to Shades and House of Lilith, do please leave a review on Amazon if you’ve downloaded and read them. You can also get in touch with me here or via my Facebook and Twitter accounts if you have anything to say. I look forward to getting some feedback.


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  1. Downloaded both from Amazon and took on holiday. Couldn’t put them down. Hurry up and write number 3! Denise J (SHACC)

    • Glad you’re enjoying, Denise. Do leave a review! I’m about 20k words short on the third one. It’s been creatively difficult since Christmas because of things on the home front, but I’m working my way back in now. Hope to catch up with you soon.

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