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Shades & House of Lilith now Premium on Smashwords

September 15, 2013

If you don’t have a Kindle you can now find my first two books on the various platforms provided by Smashwords.  I’m updating when I find more typos (inevitable really despite my best efforts to eliminate the little boogers), but in the meantime please check out my work.  Maybe I’ll give a prize to the person who’s the most help in pointing these  annoyances out! for Shades (Words: 175,850 – equates in e-format to around 601 pages, so great value for money) for House of Lilith (Words: 249,280 – equates in e-format to around 886 pages – even more value for money)

If you want to know what people thought of the books once they’ve read them, here are a couple of comments for Books One and Two, but read and decide for yourself!

Been reading  A Discovery of Witches… You recommended it… It’s ok, a bit slow and not a patch on Shades.. Your writing is more complex and much more exciting, I truly think yours is much better.

Great read I didn’t want it to stop so you’re doing something right.



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