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September 27, 2013

This was the review for Shades from the

Official Review: Shades by Rose Jones

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[Following is the official review of “Shades” by Rose Jones.]
Shades is a fictional book written by the author Rose Jones. Shades is the first book written in a series of books. Anyone who enjoys reading stories about vampires will find this book entertaining. It is just a fun, easy book to read.
The main character of the book is a man named Alex Keating. Alex is an actor on the new hit television show, Shades. Alex portrays the character Jonathon van Dijk on the show. Jonathon is a vampire who is currently under the spell of Rufus Henri by voudou magic. Rufus keeps Jonathon at his house and makes him do his dirty work by keeping him under his spell. You are told the events that led up to how Jonathon became a vampire and his early years. Jonathon has been a vampire for quite some time and therefore loves when he can still feel human. He meets Kate at a bar and she stirs up the human emotions for him and he loves it. Kate is a police officer. Jonathon helps Kate fight a crime and they become close during this. Jonathon even reveals his true self to Kate.
The man who plays Jonathon on the show, Alex, is invited to a charity event because of the shows popularity. While at the charity event he is introduced to Lilith Chandrasi, a socialite. He is in awe of her beauty and her reputation. Lilith seems to be taken with Alex right away as well and they plan a date. However, on their date they are involved in a motorcycle accident. Lilith is unharmed and she takes Alex to her clinic, as she is a doctor, and saves his life. Shortly after, Alex finds out Lilith’s secret. The two become close and because of this, Alex life becomes in danger. Alex must also decide what he wants his future to be like and if he can handle everything with Lilith.
When I first started reading this book, I thought the whole book was going to be set in the 1700’s. I also thought it was going to revolve around the vampire Jonathon van Dijk. So, I was surprised in the first chapter when the story became in the present time. Also, that what I read was just a television show. However, that is something that I liked about the book, that it told two different stories all the way throughout. I found that there were similarities between the story about Alex and also the television story about Jonathon. For instance, they both had people accepting the unimaginable and looking past differences.
Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book about vampires. I thought the author was creative in the way she had the vampires living within society and they had rules they followed. Also, the way the vampires dealt with how they ate was interesting. The only negative thing I have to say is the book started out a little slow for me. It took a bit before I really got into the characters. By the end of the book I really wanted to know what Alex decides to do and will read the next book to find out.

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