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Here be Dragons!

May 10, 2014

The wonderful Facebook writers group known as The Dragon’s Rocketship, some of whom I will be collaborating with on the aforementioned steampunk project, has now set up a blog of its own. Here’s a link. Check them out and check out our work. Here’s the Facebook link!/groups/1420653414841740/

For my part I have been busy with the mundane issues of everyday life and considering whether or not I should quit a job I don’t enjoy to do unpaid stuff that I do. My heart tells me one thing and my head another. I’m giving it another couple of weeks before burning my bridges. I’m not very good at letting go of the past, but sometimes clearing the decks lets new and better stuff come in. In the meantime I’m reading steampunk novels to get in the mood for the writing project.

In the real world, I’ve recently been to Florence for a week with my wonderful daughter, Chloe and last weekend husband and I saw Rick Wakeman in Concert with Journey to the Centre of the Earth at Cardiff. Spent the next couple of great days exploring the castles and cromlechs of Pembrokshire in South Wales, collecting more photos for my Neolithic site photojournal.

The first chamber completed

The first chamber completed

The All Cannings Long Barrow, where I plan to spend eternity with my family is coming along a pace and we have tickets for the at the end of May.

Next weekend I’m going with a friend to see the author Lyndsey Davis (of the Roman Falco novels) at the Roman Baths in Bath, followed by an evening of music. There is also a lecture by James Lovelock, of Gaia fame in Bristol and on Saturday a reunion for ex HTV broadcasting colleagues to coincide with the closing down and demolition of HTV Wales at Culverhouse Cross. This month is certainly getting very busy.


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