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May 18, 2014


Had a busy and interesting couple of evenings recently, first was listening to James Lovelock talk about Gaia as part of Ideas Week in Bristol. At 95, he’s still going strong and as disparaging of the ‘Save the Planet’ people as ever. I must admit that I agree with him. Climate change made humans what they are and it will continue to challenge our adaptability until the planet decides it’s had enough of us and causes our extinction. It managed without us before and will manage without us when we’re gone. All we’re doing is trying to save our comfy little ways by pretending to be King Canute. It don’t work like that, folks! Adapt or die.

On another tack, the next night I went with a friend to listen to Lyndsey Davis at Bath Pump Rooms, talking about her Roman novels, such as the Falco series. I can see her sense of humour in her writing and she was just like that in real life – a real Helena Justina! She spoke about how she does her research, how publishers don’t like taking risks with new ideas and the importance of being persistent.

After her talk there was an opportunity to visit the Roman Baths at night as part of the Museums at Night festival. There was a lyre player strumming authentic tunes, a newly constructed water organ (often used in the interval during the Games in ancient Rome) and a small swing band. It was all very civilised. Finally, on Saturday evening, I had a lovely conversation with another author, Susan Lewis, at a private function in Cardiff. Now all I have to do is get back down to it myself!



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