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My Book Links

Here are the links to my current works. I thought it a good idea to put them all in one place.

Shades Series: If you like your vampires with a twist (no sparkles) then check out this series. The first two books have two storylines for the price of one and after this just one set of characters. At the moment I have about about five more books lined up in this series with maybe a couple more and a book of short stories from the TV series characters. The current book I am working on is White Thorn.

Here’s the blurb to whet your appetite:

When an up and coming young actor gets his first big break in Hollywood, the impact on his life is not what he expects. Alex Keating may be playing a vampire in a new TV show called Shades, but reality is about to bite. He meets an enigmatic heiress at a charity event and they begin a relationship but a vengeful enemy from her past causes Alex to be sucked further into her world and he discovers there is a great deal more to know about this beautiful and fascinating woman. He is falling in love and he will soon have to make a decision that will change his life forever.

In the TV series, Jonathan van Dijk is a 300 year old vampire. Flawed and self absorbed, he is cursed to walk the night, tied to a hated sire he cannot kill. Cursed again by a voudou priestess, he sleeps until woken by her descendent, who teaches him how to live in the modern world, but who uses him for his criminal activities. Jonathan is sent to spy on police officer, Kate Gonzales and they begin a relationship that will change both their lives forever.

Go on – you know you want to make me happy by buying and reading my work.  I wouldn’t have published it if I didn’t want it read and enjoyed!

Here are the links to the various Amazon sites: links:
Shades :
House of Lilith:
Last Season on Shades: links:
House of Lilith:
Last Season on Shades:

NB: The paperback versions of Last Season on Shades and House of Lilith are separate units because together they came in at too many pages. The ebook of House of Lilith has the Last Season novella at the beginning. The final update of Lilith will be when the paperback is available.

Aside from Amazon, here are some links to some of my short stories. They all lean towards the fantasy genre. There are also short pieces elsewhere on this blog for you to enjoy.

The Tree Guardian
A Symphony of Snowflakes
both in the Winter Wishes Dragon’s Rocketship Anthology

Hour Glass
from Whispers From the Shadows Dragon’s Rocketship Anthology
Can’t find any link to it now, so it’s here on the blog.

Black Sheep
From Word in Your Ear – you can listen to the download from here:

There’s also Reaping What’s Sown from Word in Your Ear.  Here’s a link to that story being told:

The Blue Bird of Happiness parts 1 & 2
Narrator International

There will also be a short story in the Upcoming Dragon’s Rocketship Anthology called Hex Support.  Here is the Amazon link:

And the Createspace link – best if you want the paperback version:

I will have the first book of my First Light SF space opera ready for publication soon. Volume One is called ‘The Savage Hand’.

I’ll add to this list as stuff comes out.

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